Jaguar Group services families, individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations; from the busy executive who prefers not to use an employer-provided assistant in order to maintain their confidential information to the small business looking for a management partner, to the non-profit seeking a management consultant. Providing privacy and confidentiality of our clients is our priority. Our objective is to improve overall financial welfare and maximize the advantages of its assets. Our success is accomplished through our experience and dedication to your best interests.

Are you ready for a fractional share? Do you find yourself always playing catch-up or not paying sufficient attention to matters? Jaguar Group, Inc. is welcoming new clients to our office. Call (402) 778-9000 today to schedule an interview. Or bookmark our page for future reference.

"I remember how much I struggled with the idea of outsourcing my family office. I felt guilty that I was letting things slip through the cracks and afraid to trust it to someone else. But it didn't take too many months of working with Lorri Brockman before I started handing more and more over to her. It's been over 18 years and she has truly become an extension of our family. She has been on my side throughout my professional career, managing expenses, my personal budgets, changes in both personal and business life, taxes, wills, trusts, investment reporting and working with my extended family for college tuition planning, retirement and survivor benefits. It's so helpful to have someone running these matters because I can be proactive instead of reactive to all of the personal and professional demands on me. It really makes a difference." ~ Monica Messer

"Most people say taxes are a necessary evil, I say preparing the tax organizer and gathering all the information is a necessary evil. But thanks to Jaguar Group, Inc. the time and energy I have to devote to that task is minimal. Lorri has been involved in preparing my taxes, property purchases and financing, investment tracking and research and quite frankly a great resource on many fronts.

Just keeping all those papers organized and filed is a tremendous value." ~Bonnie Gupta



"Running your own business leaves very little time to run your own life...particularly if you are actively running two of your own businesses. The last thing I want to do is worry about keeping my personal accounts up to date, review my investments as frequently as I should, make sure my taxes are paid on time, review my credit card charges to make sure I made them, maintain my personal banking relationships, and much more. For over 18 years, Brockman Business Services, now known as Jaguar Group, Inc., has ethically and competently been the "watch dog" of my personal affairs and has relieved me the additional worries and work. Lorri's expertise has not only proven invaluable handling my personal affairs, I have, over the past five years, involved her in my businesses. I have relied on Lorri to audit company financials, corporate spending, advise me on Human Relations issues, put protective accounting measures in place and again, much more. I no longer look at Lorri as a service provider. I view her more as my partner in my personal and business endeavors." ~Tom Lingelbach


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