Jaguar Group, Inc. integrates efforts with each of the other family and business advisors, including consultants, attorneys, accountants, investment managers, insurance agents and bankers. Our goal is to be the dynamic center, creating a cohesive team of professionals who can successfully manage the wealth and needs of the individual family or small business. It is our mission to provide caring high touch professional service to each client.

Stretching the time budget for the individual family or business owner is our goal. The associates of Jaguar Group and their partners provide solutions, services and freedom from burdensome chores and business issues, allowing better utilization of time and resources.

Our objective is to improve family overall financial welfare and maximize the advantages of its assets. Enhancing family life is accomplished through our experience and dedication to your best interests. Our business clients are released from burdensome efforts allowing more time to do what they are best at; and to put in place the tools necessary to successfully run the small business.

What sets us aside from an integrated family office — we work with your CPA, estate attorney, investment managers, insurance providers and more while providing oversight to the whole for the affluent families. Families are free to utilize their trusted advisors or work with our proven professionals in any of these areas, either for review, second opinions, or transition.

The services of Jaguar Group are as simple as they are complex, and tailored to the needs of the individual client. Our approach allows each client to select from our menu of services and adjust those services as their needs change.



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